Sunday, September 26, 2010

EHOW and Demand

As many of us know Ehow was recently acquired or is now apart of I was very happy with EHows former structure and writing tools and had several published how-to articles available there to read. EHow allowed you to load your own photos and was nicely structured to allow easy writing of the articles. You did not however have control of the Ads on the site. Yet you did generate income from people visiting your site and clicking on the ads that appeared there.

Since the merger EHow is difficult to use and the common interface is gone or changed. Demand is a pain to write for their structure is writing entirely in MLA format citing everything as someone Else's idea even your own pictures are impossible to load. I have ceased writing for EHOW and due to these limitations but my articles are still situated there for the time being.

You may like the structure however so I advise you to check it out your self or try HubPages a much more relaxed blogging type site where you can earn income much easier than at EHow or Demand the choice is yours.

Another great site for writing articles and making money at the same time. is my newest discovery for site that can generate you an extra income while allowing you to be creative with articles and blogging. The money is generated through AdSense, Amazon, and other ad companies who add the ad content to your blogs under your accounts.

While not a get rich quick site, you will see growth with every article you write. I love the blog like style of the site, plus the tools to write on the site are very blogger like. You can add your own photos, content, comments area, polls, and allot more page design is a little limited as are page choices but I'm still new there so I may be missing some customization options that are available.

There are a number of other ways to make money. One is by promoting other peoples pages. Not quite sure how it all works yet but i will update when i figure it out.

I suggest you stop by the site, read some articles, look at the options for you and maybe write an article or two and make some spare cash.

I'll write as soon as I get more familiar with it. Until then keep writing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Update to save America

Howdy, earlier I posted that our country could be turned around should the government gift 1 million to each family household in the country. I still believe this is true but, I think refining that would decrease the amount going toward the deficit.

What I mean by that statement is this, have each household wanting to take advantage of such a program calculate exactly their debt, IE: Mortgage, student loans, medical expense in arrears, loans, credit card debt etc. More than likely most Americans are not in debt for more than 500k there are exceptions but most wouldn't be.

Taking the individuals families debt down to zero will have a strong economical effect on the nation as a whole. Firstly, the American family will then be able to re-organize their habits into a more financially stable one by avoiding future incurring of these debts thereby first stabilizing our economy at the root. No debt in this one time grace means more cash and purchasing power available to the family to revitalize the economy and stimulate it by allowing more money to be spent.

The US deficit would of course take a shot in the wallet and our deficit would need to add this amount to our already 3 Trillion dollars worth of load. The effect however would slowly begin to reverse as more people felt less stress about their situations and felt better about spending money. With no debt people are apt to spend more. The country in return take more in, in taxes and revenue from other sources and gradually the deficit begins to shrink as well.

The answer is not to print more money which weakens the dollar on international markets but to use what we already have. Stricter monitoring of international loans to countries needs to be employed so that those countries borrowing from our government must first square up their outstanding debts with us. Import control is needed. A firm grip on how much foreign importing is allowed must be controlled, companies in the USA must be allowed to supply items to Americans for competitive prices and those countries using slave labor or sweat shop type labor should be banned from trading in the US.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Current state of the nation

The quick bang solution:
Governement can change the state of unemployment and poverty in the USA, here's how, give each family unit 1 million dollars, throw it on the deficit its already over a trillion dollars. Everyone will then have the means to pay for any outstanding debts including mortgages, student loans, medical bills, credit card debt you name it under 1 million. People will then have the power and breathing room to begin supporting the economy from a fresh debt free perspective. How long before the country turns around after that? Pretty quick I'd imagine.

After thought, a better one:
 I know its like reaching for gold from the stars for such a plan ever to be implemented. The government giving away $1 million dollars to each family probably would never happen. But practically its possible for government in this time of depression to do something else.

Perhaps look at each situation individually, each families issues individually. Our deficit is already a reality and government is adding to it even now, so before they use up all the hope money. Help the people. Some people live beyond their means because they want to convey status to others. They buy homes they can barely afford, fancy cars, frequent vacations, gambling habits etc These people should not be included but should be part of a debt relief program which forces them to re-evaluate their life style and financial means and establish a lifestyle based on what they can actually afford versus the status items which will have to be eliminated.

The other side of the coin, are those people badly in debt but not because of an over zealous lifestyle but because of life circumstance and the depression and things resulting from it like job loss etc. People like myself purchased a home within their financial means at the time. The debt to earnings ratio was balanced correctly. In my case my two cars were paid off one at a time until paid for before anything else needed  was purchased. The Harley was bought in an attempt to have a vehicle with +50 MPG so that I could save money riding to school in order to get a degree so I could find a better paying job.

Sound decisions, but there are unsound unexpected occurances that change a balanced life very quickly like, Job loss, I have been unemployed for 2 years to no fault of my own. My wife continues to work. We accured medical bills while I was off which accumulated to an unmanagible amount due to one illness after another with my wife. My Student loans also became due for repayment with no money available to pay them. All these things cascaded to turn what was a very good credit family into a below average one. Now we sit in desperation, wondering if we can keep the home? What will we do if one more bad thing occurs? We need help. The government could do something about it but they sit idle.

One option is to evaluate situations like my wife's and mine as far as the mortgage goes. See what situation the owners are in financially then view the loan. Normal loan for a standard home not a custom or luxury home. Loan equity borrowed once to pay for initial educational costs for myself plus to eleviate some debts at the time of my enrollment. However, they will notice the loan is at 7% here's where governement can step in. There is no reason they cannot resturcture the loan to prime which is 4%? The monthly saving alone would allow my wife and I to dig our selves out from under at least slowly. That small bit of legislation to force not only banks but also private home loan companies like Washington Federal Savings to put all outstanding legitimate home loans meaning non-luxury purchases at prime or lower and resturcture the loan over the time remaining on the loan.

What a help just that would be. Of course there's always the super wishful thinking that the government could forgive half your loan and restructure the rest over the remaining time of your loan, even more help. Imagine how many homes would not be lost to forclosure if loans could again be managed by home owners? The banks are paying what now in millions or even billions having millions of foreclosed homes sitting on the market and not selling? Plus all the new never lived in ones that never sold after the bubble broke? There are ways to fix this and governement needs to look at the most humane ones. Politicians that worry about their budgets rather than saving Americans that voted for them should be replaced with ones that put the people first. We're entering a new millenium of humanity where capitalism will take a back seat to peoples needs. I hope government catches the bus with the rest of us.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Up Date has just had an update to their pay per article system. It is going seamlessly and should not effect any existing articles or you pay schedule as it is right now.

I'd head over there though and read the article they have on this new system.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diabetics Information

Diabetics Information

Today more than ever Diabetes is showing up in more Americans than it has ever before but information and preventative measures as well as new science and technology are bringing this disease to its knees. This site contain information about controlling and managing diabetes with informative articles and links provided.